Earn Cash For The Holidays, Join MyHOtSpex Survey Panel!


So I started using survey sites to earn extra cash last year, when my friend Tracy with SavinginSumner Co told me that this was the way that she bought all her holiday gifts the year before. I thought man that is an awesome idea, it would save actual money in my pocket to spend a little time taking surveys and such to get the money I need for the holidays to get the kids their gifts.

Well I wanted to share with you all one of my favorites. MyHotSpex!

When you become a Hotspex Innovator you are teaming up with an incredible group of creative and interesting people who just like you, want to influence the world around them. Receive email invites to participate in online surveys that reflect your interests. Have your ideas and opinions heard by leading companies via our online survey environment. Check out new products before they hit the market. Collect valuable Hotspex BUX points in return for your time and ideas. Cash rewards, charitable donations, chances to win awesome prizes and MORE!

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